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Shipments to: Bulgaria only. Till this moment.

1. Goods ordered via the online store are sent for Bulgaria via courier (courier service company Speedy (Speedy AD)). For other countries we work with different companies. Shipment prices are as follows:

For Bulgaria:

From 0 kg to 3 kg: BGN 6, VAT included, shipment to address in the whole country;
From 0 kg to 3 kg: BGN 4 VAT included, shipment to Speedy’s  office in the whole country;
From 3 kg to 6 kg: BGN 9 VAT included, shipment to address in the whole country;
From 3 kg to 6 kg: BGN 5 VAT included, shipment to Speedy’s  office in the whole country;

2. Delivery term of items ordered via the online store is from 5 to 35 days, with effect from the day following day when order has been placed. The online store presently does not provide express order options. Store’s type is boutique and your shipment term may need to be extended until the time when the product is made (you will receive an email by the company); delay may be extended up to 10 days.

3. Upon handing over the goods, user or third person shall sign their accompanying documents, which certify precise order performance. Third person is considered anyone who is not application holder, but he/she is located at the address specified by the user and takes over the goods on behalf of the customer. The TRADER provides insurance of the goods of the order covering its whole price, excluding the amounts for delivery which are at the expense of customer during its transportation. After delivery is taken over by customer, insurance is not valid anymore – insurance is valid only during delivery by courier. All orders have insurances covering the actual value of the product and that is the reason why upon delivery, product(s) must be unpacked and viewed in courier’s presence, if you approve, the delivery must be paid, if not, protocol of damage is drawn up (for instance something is broken, bent, damaged, etc.) and it is returned to the courier without paying and receiving the respective product(s).

4. If shipment cannot be taken over at first visit due to absence of customer or another reason out of control of the Trader or the courier service office, the courier shall draw up notice in which he/she specify contact phone number on which consignee should call within a period of three days in order to specify another period for delivery to be performed. In case that during the next visit customer is not found at the address specified or access and conditions for taking over the shipment are not ensured, the TRADER is exempted from its obligation to deliver the item(s) ordered.


1. Goods ordered via the online store are performed via courier (courier service company Speedy (Speedy AD)) on the territory of Bulgaria . For other countries we work with other companies.
Product returning is at the expense of Seller – Grande Banditta, which includes courier service and insurance of product(s).
Under Electronic Commerce Actwithin 14-day period from receiving, you have the right to return the product(s).
Products must be returned to address: Bulgaria, city of Sofia, 9 Bogatitsa Str., groundfloor – Grande Banditta.
In order to be accepted, product(s) returned back to office, it/they must have the same faultless look as you have received them.
After they arrive to our office, our employee reviews them and notifies you by email what is found.If everything is Ok, up to 14 days after receiving the products at the office, in the city of Sofia, 9 Bogatitsa Str., groundfloor – Grande Banditta, payments will be refunded to you via the method you have specified.
If one or several of any item of shipment does/do not have its/their normal quality, it is deducted from the amount to be refunded, or the whole amount is not refunded.

2. How to request a return:
- Enter your Profile using your username and password;
- Go to“My Orders”;
- Select the order from which you wish to return product(s);
- If 14–day period has not expired, the “Return” button is still active, press it and add needed information and send a request for return;
- We will send you a courier within 7-day period from the date of request in order to take it from specified address.

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(excluding Saturday, Sunday and public holidays)

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