01.03.2020 Especially for Spring/Summer 2020, Grande Banditta Company launch a new wine stopper on the market!

On the occasion of horse celebration, Grande Banditta company
launched new type of your favourate temporary stoppers for glass bottles – “Vihrogon” Stoppers.

The stopper is at much lower and affordable price as it is made only of brass, no plating. It costs 30.68 Euro, VAT included.

Brass is special with certificate, approved by Bulgarian Food Safety Agency and European regulations on contact with food and drink. Usage of stopper is completely safe for your health. However, it is placed on the top of the bottle and it does not have contact with the content.

You get rubbers in three sizes together with it (made of special silicone, also approved by BFSA (Bulgarian Food Safety Agency) as materials approved for contact with food.

And, of course, a gift of your choice:
– Luxury bag of your choice in two colours:
Balck Mini Banditta, you can see – here
Colour Mini Banditta Horses, you can see – here
– Two-colour silver-and-gold ribbon
Select from the options during placing the order.
For orders and more information, you can see –  here

We recommend not to use for a long period in wine bottles because tartaric acid is very strong and its evaporation can lead to slight corrosion.

Since products are fragile, each of them shall be shipped with insurance covering the whole value at our expense!
Please, when you receive the product(s), open and check if everything is Ok. If you do not check when you receive the product(s) and do that when the courier has gone, insurance is not valid then! If you find a damage or crack after that, product(s) remain(s) at your expense and cannot be returned because we accept products back, if you do not wish them, within 14-day period only if products and package are in perfect condition as we have sent them.

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