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Are wine accessories, available on the market, safe for your health?

Check out the differences between the Grande Banditta bottle stoppers and other brands!

Beauty, joy, and safety are the three main qualities we keep in mind when searching for a luxurious and functional gift for wine lovers. Well, that’s exactly what Grande Banditta can offer you. Grande Banditta manufactures reusable, handcrafted, and unique in design wine stoppers.

But how are Grande Banditta wine stoppers different from the mass market wine accessories? Are commercially available reusable bottle stoppers, claiming luxury and safety, really safe? We give the answers in the following lines.

What are mass-produced bottle stoppers made of and why are they dangerous?

The available in our country bottle stoppers are made mainly in China. And their price is more than affordable – in a range between 20 BGN and 40 BGN. Many consumers trust that, attracted by the low price and apparent luxury, without even thinking about the danger of using them.

Low-budget wine stoppers are most often made from a metal alloy (zinc, aluminum, and copper), then polished with nickel.

Due to the danger of poisoning with heavy metals (aluminum, nickel), which can lead to serious health problems, this alloy is banned for use in the production of accessories and materials used for the needs of the food industry.

Over-saturation of the body with zinc, which in optimal amounts brings benefits to the body, at high concentrations – becomes harmful. However, these facts do not stop manufacturers from producing and selling nickel-filmed (coated) zinc stoppers. Nickel, in turn, is also toxic. Its excessive concentration in the human body leads to damage to the nervous system. Nickel is on the list of banned metals for use in the food industry as well.


This alloy (zinc, aluminum, and copper) is widely used in mechanical engineering, automotive, plumbing, and many other industries, it also appears in the manufacture of wine accessories, such as mass-marketed reusable corks. This leads to an even more dangerous event, as harmful substances are directly absorbed by the ingested beverage that has been clogged with such a stopper over a prolonged period. These are all materials harmful to your health. When used for over two weeks or more on such a seemingly functional wine accessory, all types of materials used to make it corrode and begin to release substances and structures extremely harmful to your health (even heavy metals) which getting into your system have little to no way out, or very difficult with prolonged detoxification, diet and taking multiple medications and supplements.

In the picture below you can see the differences in the integrity of the Grande Banditta steel cone (left) and the surface and structure of a low-budget wine bottle stopper made of materials with an unclear origin and not permitted by the BDA, European regulations, and international institutions for use in food and drinks.

Cheap and mass-produced wine accessories are bound to corrode. The process starts from the outside in. The nickel turns to flakes which, when used, begin to abrade and fall into the contents of the bottle (wine, beer, soda, water, etc.) And the alloy under the nickel begins to crumble as a fine white/light gray powder, and again falls into the beverage.

Furthermore, the storage of the average Chanese-made bottle stoppers in the cupboard or when rubbing with other utensils and items, they also continue to release dust from the alloy (zinc, aluminum, and copper) and fine particles of Nickel that stick to other utensils and items and surfaces in the vicinity and even if you do not use them frequently to cap glass bottles, the heavy metals and harmful substances re-enter your system through the use of the other utensils, items, and tools from the contact with it.

What materials are Grande Banditta wine stoppers made of and why are they safe?

The materials used to make the wine and other beverage stoppers are medical grade steel – the highest grade of stainless steel, MODEL: 316 L. To give the finishing touch to the created bottle/wine stopper, is used electro-polishing. Through this process the wine stopper is polished, smoothing the fine lines left from the handmade stainless steel cone, sealing the metal further, and giving it a smooth and perfect shine. Both medical steel and electro-polishing are approved for use in the food industry as they are completely safe for human health (after all, knives and cutlery, especially luxury cutlery, are made using the same technology).

Medical grade 18/10 steel is used to make forks, spoons, knives, and all kinds of utensils widely used in modern households. Medical steel does not corrode over time, does not break, bend, tarnish, etc.

The top of the Grande Banditta wine stoppers is brass figures – mini sculptures. The brass used to sculpt the beautiful and unique design masterpieces is safety certified and is permitted by all legal regulations and institutions as a material allowed for the use and making of objects related to contact with food and drinks.

All the materials used in the creation of Grande Bandita luxury wine accessories are high quality, certified, very strong, and completely safe for the health of those who use them.

The materials used in the bottom part of the stopper (the part that has direct contact with the beverage) release absolutely no hazardous substances that would enter the body upon consumption.  The polished stainless steel cones of the Grande Banditta corks are SAFE FOR YOUR HEALTH, and the health of others! The 316 L stainless steel is distinguished from standard stainless steel by its composition with the additional MOLYBDEEN. The addition of molybdenum provides greater corrosion resistance. The medical grade 316 L stainless steel is the most corrosion-resistant steel in the world, commonly used in the chemical and petrochemical industries, food processing, pharmaceutical equipment, medical devices, wastewater treatment, marine applications, and architectural applications near the seashore or in urban areas. This is why Grande Banditta bottle stoppers/wine stoppers, cannot corrode and produce the unsightly effect and unhealthy result when used as with mass market wine accessories.

Grande Banditta offers beauty, joy, and safety to its customers. Each wine bottle stopper is entirely handmade and is loaded with a lot of positive energy as it is made with a lot of love and attention to detail. If you are looking for luxury handmade gifts, a wine stopper from Grande Banditta is the perfect solution.

Grande Banditta’s catalog deserves your attention if you are looking for a sophisticated, practical, exquisite, timeless, and luxurious gift – the most unique designer sculptures on the market.


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