Premium wine bottle stopper "BULL" - WHITE GLAZE



100% handmade wine bottle stopper. Functional sculpture with BULL Head, made from special Brass and Nickel plated. Models unparalleled in the world. Unique cap. Wine Jewel.


A bottle stopper for temporarily plugging glass bottles. The “BULL” cap is compatible with almost all types of bottles. Made of materials fully compliant with the requirements of current law. The main body (cone) is made of stainless steel 316 L (chromium-nickel-molybdenum), which is approved for use in the food industry, and the added molybdenum is for even greater resistance to corrosion, as tartaric acid is one of the most aggressive acids. The upper part (BULL HEAD) is made of special brass, which is also metal-certified, approved for use in the food industry, and is completely safe for human health. The brass has a nickel coating only in upper side. The Bull’s wine bottle stopper look likes plated with Platinum or White Gold.

Both materials used are absolutely safe and certified. The main distinguishing features of “BULL” wine bottle stopper from all others on the market are the following: unique, strong, safe, and corrosion-resistant. In practice: ETERNAL!

The most visible quality on the market!

Suitable for a luxurious gift or for your luxurious home or office.

Appropriate present for BIRTHDAYS! Make a unique HOLIDAY!

Amazing present for JUBILEE. Present for the zodiac sign TAURUS/BULL.

Totally handcrafted. Gift for Bulls.


The Box is stylish and delightful, made of the best quality materials on the market, and is suitable for a gift without further need to wrap it up or to place it in another box. For each purchased stopper, you can receive two gifts if you wish: a bag and a ribbon. The gift can be selected from the options:

– free bag, choose one to your liking: black Mini Banditta;

– free ribbon – a two-colour model – silver and gold – like the brand logo on the box. It suits every occasion, sex, age, taste, and preferences. Multipurpose!

You can see them in each product’s gallery or in “BAGS AND WRAPPINGS” section on the main menu “PRODUCTS”.


Instructions for use

We recommend not to wash in the dishwasher, also not to use detergents with abrasive particles when washing, as well as coarser sponges and washing wires for washing and cleaning. After use, please wash!