Stallion Bottle Stopper


Color: Yellow Glaze Gold
Size: Height 9,7 cm; Width 3,6 cm

Handmade 24 К gold plated designer wine bottle stopper with HORSE head for temporary closing of already opened glass bottles, without equal in the world.


A Stopper for temporary closing of glass bottles. The “Stallion” Stopper fits almost all types of bottles. The Stopper was produced by materials completely observing the requirement of valid national and European legislation.  The product is cast in special brass which is approved for contact with food and drinks and it has a certificate. On the brass, there is a plating up to 15 µ silver (which is precious metal and is included in the list of metals permitted for contact with food and drinks), and on the silver, there is plating of 24К gold, from 0,2 up to 0,5 µ (which is precious metal and is included in the list of metals permitted for contact with food and drinks). The product is completely handmade and that is the reason why each stopper is distinctive by its uniqueness. All of them are similar but they have small differences which make them different from one another.


The Box is stylish and beautiful, made of materials of very high quality quality and it is suitable for a gift without need to additionally wrap it up or to place it in another box.  For each stopper bought you can get two gifts if you wish: a bag and a ribbon. You can select a gift from the options or not:

– two-colour bags, you can choose one of your choice: Mini Banditta or Mini Banditta Horses

– ribbon – a two-colour silver-and-gold model as the brand logo on the box; it suits every occasion, sex, age, taste and preferences. Multi purposes!

You can see them in the gallery of each product.

This product also brings a lot of positive emotions and great charge! Almost all people in the world like horses and they associate them on a conscious and subconscious level with goodness, nobility, friendship, honesty, beauty, love, adrenaline, strength, power, swiftness, etc. So many things brought together! Message gift! With ideas! Wish them! Wish it to them! Wonderful gift!

Instructions for Use

We recommend not to wash in a dishwasher. Do not use abrasive detergents, rough sponges and wire sponges for washing and cleaning. We also recommend not to be used for long-term usage for wine bottles having in mind drink composition (tartaric acid, which is highly corrosive), platings can be damaged and slight corrosion can occur, although there are very thick platings. After use, please wash!