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About us

Grande Banditta

Grande Banditta is a boutique online shop for home and office luxury designer gifts and decorative accessories all handmade. The products are the only one of their kind. We make them mainly of ceramics and metals. Our first collection “Vihrogon” is all about horse lovers and the products details have completely inspired by these adorable animals.

Luxury presents. Online store for premium wine bottle stoppers and porselain products with Gold and Platinum plated. Presents for zodiacs. Present for Leo sign. Present for Capricorn sign. Present for Aries sign. Present for zodiac Taurus. Present for Taurus sign.

Our artworks of art are completely handmade, having our design patent. We made them with great care to detail, patience, diligence, eagerness and tenacity, being full of very positive energy and emotions.

They are made of expensive materials of very high quality. All platings are made of 24 Karats pure Gold and Platinum!

! Note that we speak and whrite only in English!

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