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Terms and conditions


1.1. This document sets out the terms and conditions under which “Nacheva Innovation“ LTD, with its headquarters and registered address: city of Sofia, 9 Bogatitsa Str., ground floor, UIC: 202970155 and VAT ID No. BG202970155 (hereinafter referred to as the TRADER), in its capacity as website owner (online shop),trademark (Grande Banditta) and logo of www.grandebanditta.com,it provide services to its customers via online shop www.grandebanditta.com (grande banditta dot com). These conditions shall bind all users upon using the website www.grandebanditta.comresources. The User accepts and agrees to observe these GeneralTerms and Conditions.

1.2. Customer identifying for the purpose of reproducing his/her statement for both acceptance of General terms and Conditions and for placed order, is performed by data storing in log files of the server of www.grandebanditta.com– user/customer’s IP address, as well as any other information, also by installing the so-called cookies – small text files for online identification, on customer’s hard disk.

1.3. The Products published in online shopwww.grandebanditta.com (grande banditta dot com) do not represent legally binding offer but rather online catalogue for demonstration of www.grandebanditta.com products range and opportunity to buy online the products of your choice.

1.4. By pressing the ORDER button, the customers are agree to buy the goods added to the virtual shopping cart, availableon the link in the top right corner of Home page on the online shop www.grandebanditta.com (grande banditta dot com). This action is legally binding and it is equivalent to a purchase and sale contract. The purchase can be made following either explicit registration on the website or visiting our office at the following address: Bulgaria, city of Sofia, 9 Bogatitsa Str., groundfloor. Registration on the website is free of charge and it is not type of contract.
Each one who has placed an order on the website www.grandebanditta.com, has to accept and agree withthe present General Terms and Conditions in order for his/her order to be successfully completed, which means that user/customer has concluded purchase and sale contract.

1.5. The TRADER reserves its right to change the present General Terms and Conditions, without any obligation to notify the registered users upon change, but it considers, if possible, to notify them by sending an e-mail message about the amendments in the General Terms and Conditions, the amended texts or the link to the web page where amended Terms and Conditions are available. The amendments to the Terms and Conditions do not apply to orders placed and confirmed before the notice of change of the Terms and Conditions.

1.6. Contract’s language is Bulgarian for Bulgaria and English for other countries and payments are made in BGN and Euro, VAT included.


2.1. The TRADER accepts orders via the website www.grandebanditta.com – 24 hours a dayand 7 days a week. When an order is placed successfully, a customer automatically receives confirmation via email. Received orders are performed from 5 to 35 days, because products are boutique, completely handmade and we need time to make them.

2.2. Grandebanditta.com may require another confirmation of the order and additional information concerning delivery via email. In case that the information required above is denied, this automatically leads to order cancellation with or without additional notice.

2.3. The TRADER shall notify user/customer by sending an email to the email address specified in the order within a period of 3 business days (since the time when the order was placed), about the time needed for the product(s) of respective order to be made and approximate period for delivery. After the product selected and ordered by you is ready, we send you a notice by email and ship it to you on the next day via courier to the delivery address specified by you or to the Speedy courier office (available only for Bulgaria) (Speedy AD). Making designer items takes time, sometimes 5 to 35 days, for which we will notify you by another email. You can constantly track your order status in My Orders in your profile.


3.1. All prices in the online shopwww.grandebanditta.com are in BGN and Euro, VAT included. Item prices are final and include all taxes and fees, excluding shipping cost (which shall be paid by user/customer), which is specified separately also in BGN and Euro, VAT included, and it is visible before the final shipping of the order. For each product ordered, you receive a gift from Grande Banditta’s team (Grande Banditta) –two-variant/colour (customer’s choice) paper bag of high quality, free of charge, and (two-colour – gold-and-silver – one type) ribbon if you select that option. There is an option to select only bag and option to select only two-colour ribbon, or you can select both bag and ribbon. Any further ordered paper bag and/or ribbon are paid. You have to pay for the bags you have ordered with respect to their number.You can order only bags if you wish, even if you do not need them right now because they can be used for multiple purposes and can be used for any occasions, even your personal use is a sufficient occasion (they will bring you unique joy and comfort).

3.2. TheTRADER reserves its right to change website’s content including prices of items and services any time and without explicit notice. These changes do not apply for the orders already placed and confirmed, which will be performed under the terms valid to the moment when the respective order has been confirmed.


4.1. The User can pay the price of the items ordered in online shop www.grandebanditta.com by any of the following methods of his/her choice:

a) Cash on Delivery – cash payment on delivery, only for Bulgaria;

b) Via credit card or debit card;

c) Bank transfer into company’s account:
First Investment Bank AD
IBAN: BG89FINV91501017252656 in BGN. Bulgarian leva;
In favour of: “Nacheva Innovation”LTD

Transfer reason: Order number! It is a compulsory condition!Please in the „Transfer reason” line specify in all the cases the Order numberfrom the online shop. You can find this number in the email sent by our email for confirmation after the order has been placed or in your account/profile on the website www.grandebanditta.com/ My Orders.
If this information is absent, the payment cannot be identified to which order is referred, so transfer can be denied and returned, as well as order and delivery respectively.

d) On site at the office in the city of Sofia, 156 Alexandar Stamboliyski Blvd., groundfloor, Bulgaria;

e) Via Paysera payment system if you are their registered user.

4.2. All payments are made in BGN for Bulgaria and in Euro for EU. Online or bank transfer payment is made before receiving the delivery and cash payment on delivery – at the moment of handing over the goods from courier in case that everything is Ok and you accept them. All orders have insurances covering the actual value of product and that is the reason why upon delivery, product(s) must be unpacked and viewed in courier’s presence, if you approve and there are no damages, impairements, cracks, etc., delivery must be paid, if not, protocol of damage on the part of supplier/courier is drawn up and it is returned to the courier without paying and receiving the respective product(s).


5.1. The Goods ordered via the online shop www.grandebanditta.com are sent via courier (courier service company Speedy (Speedy AD)). The courier on the territory of Bulgaria is Speedy AD. For oder counties we work with other companies.

5.2. Delivery term of items ordered via the online store is from 3 to 30 working days, with effect from the day following day when the order has been placed. The online store www.grandebanditta.com presently does not provide express order options. The shop is type of boutique and your shipment term may need to be extended until the time when the product is made (you will receive an email by the company); the delay may be extended up to 10 days.

5.3. When handing over the goods, the user or third person shall sign accompanying document, which certify precise order performance. Third person is considered anyone who is not the application holder, but he/she is located at the address specified by the user and takes over the goods on behalf of the customer. All orders have insurances covering the actual value of the product and that is the reason why upon delivery, product(s) must be unpacked and checked in courier’s presence, if you approve it, the delivery must be paid, if not, a protocol of damage should be drawn up (for instance, something is broken, bent, damaged, etc.) and it is returned to the courier without paying and receiving the respective product(s).

5.4. If the shipment cannot be taken over at first visit due to absence of customer or another reason out of control of the Trader or the courier service office, the courier shall leave a notice in which he/she specifies contact phone number on which consignee should call within a period of three days in order to specify another period for delivery to be performed. In case that during the next visit customer is not found at the address specified or access and conditions for taking over the shipment are not ensured, the TRADER is exempted from its obligation to deliver the item(s) ordered.


6.1. The TRADER guarantees that all products offered on the online shop www.grandebanditta.com are new and unused in perfect condition and package is without remarks; as well as they are of very high quality.

6.2. The TRADER provides insurance of the goods from the order covering their whole value, excluding shipment costs, which are at customer’s expense during their transportation. After customer has taken over the shipment, insurance is not valid any more; insurance is valid only during delivery by courier. All orders have insurances covering the actual value of product(s) that is the reason why upon delivery, product(s) must be unpacked and viewed in courier’s presence, if you approve, delivery must be paid, if not, protocol of damage is drawn up (for instance something is broken, bent, damaged, etc.) and it is returned to the courier without paying and receiving the respective product(s).


7.1. The Customer should check the goods immediately upon their receiving and in case that he/she finds any visible faults, missing parts, accomopanying accessories, he/she should immediately inform the courier and a protocol to be draw up.

7.2. In compliance with Consumer Protection Act, customer may return the goods without owing compensations or forfeits to the TRADER within a period of 14 days upon receiving. In that case, the TRADER undertakes to refund the value of returned goods (in case that there are no remarks on them) to the customer, as the customer pays the value of goods shipment back to company’s address: Bulgaria, citiy of Sofia, 9 Bogatitsa Str., groundfloor.


8.1. The User/customer has the right to check product catalogue of the online shop www.grandebanditta.com, to make registration free of charge on the website and to place orders of goods.

8.2. The User/customer has the right to get information about his/her order status.

8.3. The User/customer takes full responsibility for keeping his/her username and password safe, as well as for all actions performed by him/her.

8.4. The Customer undertakes to pay the price of ordered items and value of their shipping in compliance with the terms of the online store www.grandebanditta.com.

8.5. Each user of the website www.grandebanditta.com, irrespective of whether he/she buys items, undertakes to observe the following terms when using the TRADER’s resources:

• Not to violate and to respect fundamental rights and freedoms of citizens and human rights under Constitution, laws of the Republic of Bulgaria and acknowledged international instruments;
• Not to offend someone else’s good name and not to call for a forced change of the constitutionally established order, for committing a crime, for violence against the individual or for inciting racial, national, ethnic or religious enmity;
• Not to violate another person’s pecuniary and non-pecuniary, absolute or relative rights and interests, such as ownership right, intellectual property right, etc.;
• To observe Bulgarian legislation, applicable foreign laws, moral rules and good morals, and Internet ethics when using grandebanditta.com;
• To notify the TRADER immediately for each case of performed or found violation when using provided items;
• Not to load, send, transfer, propagate or use in any way, not to make available to any third persons a software, computer programmes, files, applications or other materials containing computer viruses, unauthorized remote control systems ("Trojan horses"), computer codes or materials intended to interrupt, impede, disturb or restrict normal functioning of compuer hardware or software, or telecommunication equipment or such intended for unauthorized entry or access in another person’s resources or software;
• To compensate TRADER and all third persons for any damages suffered and loss of benefits, including legal costs and lawyers’ fees, incurred as a consequence of actions brought from and/or paid compensations to third persons in connection with webpages, hyperlinks, materials or information which User has used, located in the server, sent, propagated, made available to third persons or made available via /website’s name/ in violation of law, current General Terms and Conditions, good morals and Internet ethics.

8.6. The Customer undertakes to specify valid phone number, delivery address and email, to pay the price of goods, to pay shipment cost, when the same is not free of charge and to ensure access and opportunity for receiving the goods.

8.7. The Customer undertakes to pay shipment costs for the product(s) of a particular order to the company’s address in case that he/she decides to return it within 14-day period from delivery date.


9.1. The TRADER has neither obligation nor objective probability to control they way in which users will use provided services.

9.2. The TRADER has the right at any time without notifying the User/Customer, when the latter uses the services, violating current terms, as well as upon the TRADER’S discretion to terminate, stop and change provided services in connection with website usage.The TRADER is not responsible to users and third persons for suffered damages and loss of benefits occurred as a consequence of termination, stopping, changing or restricting of services, deletion, modifying, losing, untrustworthiness, inaccuracy or incompleteness of messages, materials or information, transferred, used, recorded or made available via /website’s name/.

9.3. The TRADER after receiving the payment undertakes to transfer to user/customer ownership of the goods ordered by him/her, to deliver within specified period the order, to check if each item has merchantable quality before being sent (in case that it is possible without damaging intactness of package).

9.4. The TRADER is not responsible for damages suffered on software, hardware or telecommunication equipment, or lost data, caused by materials or resources, searched, loaded or used in any way by provided services. Advices, consultations or assistance provided by the TRADER’s specialists and employess, in connection with usage of services by users, do no generate any responsibility or obligations to the TRADER. Grandebanditta.com is not responsible for inaccuracies of goods information specified by the manufacturer.

9.5. The TRADER is not responsible for failure to perform its obligations under this contract in force majeure circumstances occurence, which the TRADER has not forеseen and has not been obliged to forеsee, including accidental events, problems in global network and in providing services out of TRADER’s control (including climate as well).


10.1. Online store www.grandebanditta.com guarantees to its users confidentiality of provided personal data. We are administrator of personal data according to the Personal Data Protection Act.

10.2. The TRADER undertakes not to disclose user’s data to any third persons, except for the cases when explicit consent in writing by user is received or information is required by authorized state authorities or officials, and the TRADER undertakes to provide information under the law.


11. All disputes between parties shall be settled in a spirit of understanding and goodwill in compliance with Bulgarian legislation.


12.1. Intellectual property rights on all components and resources of the online store www.grandebanditta.com are protected subject to Copyright and Related Rights Act and belong to the TRADER, and they cannot be used in violation of valid legislation.

12.2. Using texts, photos,vector images and other resources of www.grandebanditta.com is prohibited, except for the cases when permission is received by representative of the website or bythe TRADER, or in case that it is explicitly stated on www.grandebanditta.com as source and publication of link. All photos, names, logos and information on the online store and trade mark and its profiles and pages in social networks are copyright and/or patented.


13.1. User – a person who loads the page of grandebanditta.com on his/her computer.

13.2. Customer – a person who places order for purchasing goods from the online shop www.grandebanditta.com.

13.3. Order – selected goods with respective package and/or ribbon to be paid or free of charge.

13.4. Online store/shop –virtual store located on the web address www.grandebanditta.com.

13.5. Personal data – personal data under the Personal Data Protection Act.

Thank you for choosing www.grandebanditta.com! We wish you happy shoppingand/or enjoy visitng our website!

In case of misuse, propagation, resale, duplicating, imitation and any other type of misuses, etc., of no-equal boutique handmade goods of GRANDE BANDITTA and/or with the name and logo of the trademark GRANDE BANDITTA (which are patented in Patent Office), please contact us at [email protected].
Thank you!