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Porcelain cup - STALLION - black glaze and Platinum glaze


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A Handmade ceramic cup with Stallion handle - unique design – the only one of its kind. PLATINUM PLATED. The Cup is big (type – Mug), with consumption capacity of 200 ml, to be used for hot drinks, as well as any other of user’s choice. LUXURY PRESENT FOR HORSE LOVERS!

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Handmade ceramic cup with no equal design in the world. The Cup is big (type – Mug), with consumption capacity of 200 ml, to be used for hot drinks, as well as any other of user’s choice.  The Cup is black glaze from the inside, outside and on the bottom, and handle is plated by pure liquid colloidal platinum, except for the stylized horseshoe at the bottom of the cup which colour is dull white.The Cup form, by shape, looks like (stylized) horse leg, with hand-carved shapes similar to horses’ hair on it.  Bottom component of the cup (foot), resembles a hoof, and on the bottom of the hoof, when you turn the cup upside down, you will see company’s logo and subtle horseshoe. The product is completely handmade and that is the reason why each product is distinctive by its uniqueness.  All of them are similar but they have small differences which make them different from one another.

By this creation we have achieved maximum balance between work of art, very well expressed relief of small parts (as for handmade ceramics), design, size, ease and comfort from all sides (it is usable), quality and price!


The Box is stylish, beautiful and very strong, made of materials with the best quality on the market (rigid, laminated paperboard with high density) and it is suitable for a gift without need to additionally wrap it up or to place it in another box. For each cup bought you can get two gifts if you wish: a bag and a ribbon. You can select a gift from the options or not:

- ribbon - a two-colour silver-and-gold model (you can see it in the gallery of each cup) as the brand logo on the box; it suits every occasion, sex, age, taste and preferences. Multi purposes!

This product also brings a lot of positive emotions and great charge! Almost all people in the world like horses and they associate them on a conscious and subconscious level with goodness, nobility, friendship, honesty, beauty, love, adrenaline, strength, power, swiftness, etc. What is more, horseshoe brings good luck! So many things brought together!

Message gift! With ideas! Wish them! Wish it to them! Wonderful gift!

Instructions for Use

Having in mind specific shape, specific handle and platinum plating, we recommend not to wash in a dishwasher. Do not use abrasive detergents, rough sponges and wire sponges for washing and cleaning, as well.